Induction Loop systems

With the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) it is now a requirement that all buildings should be made accessible for the Hearing impaired. An Induction Loop makes a huge difference to people who are hearing impaired.

An Induction Loop system allows hearing aid users to receive an audio feed from microphones and music sources. It works by transmitting a magnetic field that is ‘picked up’ by the hearing aid when set to the T position.

We have considerable experience, and specialise, in the design and installation of Induction Loop Systems, having carried out installations in a wide variety of settings, including Churches and Halls of Worship, Schools and Colleges, Hotels and Public Buildings, Factories, Lecture Theatres and Training Rooms.

Each venue has different requirements and, therefore, each installation is specifically designed to individual requirements and budget.

An Induction Loop system is a stand alone unit and does not require speakers or an amplification unit. All it requires is a Loop cable installation and a vocal/musical input. However, it can easily be connected to a current P.A./music system.

A portable loop system can be used in the absence of a sound system. It is ideally suited for one to one communication or for use in a small meeting room environment. There are a number of different portable Loop systems, designed to cover different sized areas.

We provide a full demonstration and on-site training for the operators of the equipment.

Choosing the right system is vital. To ensure that your system meets all your requirements, and is not under powered, contact us for further details.

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